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This is a guest post by Miles By Motorcycle member, Lisa Hallwhich was originally posted to theforum here.

In Lisa's own words, "I'm a passionate motorcyclist. If I'm not riding I'm reading about riding. I've been riding for over 21 years and have logged over 275,000 miles. I'm getting close to 300,00. My husband and I began riding at the same time and we have loved each and every mile. We've been involved with group riding since 96 and have led thousands of rides and trips. I do all of the ride planning which is really something I enjoy. i get the most satisfaction when people comment on how much they've enjoyed the ride. I've been across the country and to New Foundland and Nova Scotia. I've have had many diffirent motorcycles Hondas Kawasaki BMW Harley. My favorites were the Gold Wing. The K1600 and my current bike A 2013 HD Road Glide."

Read on for her review.

I promised I would give a review of the new Sena 20S Bluetooth headset. I purchased the 2 pack from Revzilla and as usual with Revzilla It was delivered in 2 days. I couldn't wait to start playing. In the box comes two headsets already paired, 2 mounts, 2 boom mics, 2 wired mics, 2 car chargers, 2 usb chargers, 8 mic socks. I was quite impressed with all the goodies that came in the package. Mounting the headsets was easy (I've installed lots of headsets on helmets so it was a snap). The only thing I thought was odd was the screws that secure the mount to the helmet face the inside of the helmet making screwing them in slightly more difficult but no big deal. I mounted my headset to my 3/4 helmet and mounted my husbands headset to his half helmet (I made pockets for the speakers to sit in the half helmet).

Sena has a smartphone app for this unit so I downloaded that and quickly paired my iPhone using the app. The app also allows you to set some basic functions on the headset. Next I paired my GPS and again everyone paired easily

Today was the first time using the headsets. I was so excited this morning but as we were ready to pull out my unit says "battery Low" and shuts off. Well it turns out I had left the unit on after playing with it during the week. No problem my husband has a 12volt charger in his trunk so I got one of the car chargers and plugged it in for our ride to the meeting location today. It got a 40 min charge and that was good enough.
Now it's finally time to see how these work. I was really impressed with the sound quality and the volume. As I said my husband was using a half helmet and I was worried about wind noise being transmitted, but that was never a problem. I heard him loud and clear. Even on the highway I could hear him well.

I was able to play music through my iPhone and the quality of the music was pretty good for helmet speakers. Probably better than others I have used. The music would play and if either one of us spoke the music would be lowered to a background level that you can adjust.

These units can pair with other non Sena Bluetooth headsets as my friends have the scala g9. I wasn't able to try that out today but will give a report when I do.

Overall I am completely happy with this purchase and grateful to have a decent communication system

Update from 12/6/2014:

As an update on the performance of the 20s one of our units kept shutting off randomly throughout the day. I contacted Sena they asked me to try a couple of resets. I did that but still the unit would shut off. Now they are sending me a replacement under warranty and paying for the return of the defective unit.

Im very pleased with how Sena responded.

The other unit works perfectly.

The Sena 20S is available for purchase from Revzilla.

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