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10 years ago
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What to look for when buying an old BMW K100RS

My bike is a '92 K100RS which I have owned since new. It's built like a tank and has served me well over the two decades I've owned it. In recent years, there have been some age related issues that have come up so I have finally gotten to turn some wrenches on it. Prior to that, I just rode the thing. Interestingly, I've come across more people online recently that have been asking what to look for when buying one of these. I had written out a long email response for the third or fourth ...Read More

11 years ago
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On Wrenching: Changing Tires Yourself using the No-Mar Cycle Hill Motorcycle Tire Changer

Like most people will tell you, I live in kind of an abstract world. I don't like, as a general rule, to be troubled with the details of the phyical world around me instead much preferring the space in my head where I am free to contemplate the intracies of my navel. There are, however, a few things that will bring me out of the abstract and back down to reality. Tires, for instance. Tires are important. To many, tires are religion and there are countless holy wars fought over the subject ...Read More