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Winter Motorcycle Riding Tips - WHO CARES?

Does the world need yet another article on winter motorcycle riding? I say NO! As I sat writing a post on riding your motorcycle through the winter months I began to wonder "what would it really accomplish"? For a large number of riders across the south winter riding is nothing unusual. In fact, growing up riding in Florida it was one of the best times to ride, it was cool(er). For another large number of riders across the north winterizing and storing the bike is the sensible option. No n ...Read More

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Ulanzi V2 Vlogging Case for GoPro

How many times have you suffered through a GoPro video online that's overwhelmed with loud and distracting wind noise? They are really hard to watch. You can turn off the audio on your GoPro when recording or mute the audio from the captured video, but you really lose the feel for the experience, the sounds of the bike engine, the sense of movement, the atmosphere that makes for a good video. You've probably also enjoyed videos narrated from the bike while riding. Again, you can dub in narr ...Read More

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Sights from the Road - Bible Covered Bridge in East Tennessee

Easy-to-see Bible Covered Bridge near Greeneville is a good stop on your motorcycle ride in East Tennessee.   Embedded Object Error   When your motorcycle finds Warrensburg Road (TN 349) in East Tennessee you're in for an enjoyable ride. The road is big and in good shape, a little hilly, and has some nice twisty sections along the creek.  It's a pleasant way to pass through the are near Greeneville avoiding the traffic on the more prominent roads.   Embedded Object Error ...Read More

4 years ago
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Ride Report: 404 miles on a DR650SE out and back to the Maryland panhandle with the best of friends.

The original plan had been to lead Duncan and Bruce down to the area where I had accompanied Wayne, of America Rides Maps, as he scouted routes for his new Virginia and West Virginia maps. Those roads were nuts. But due to circumstances well out of our collective control, a multi-day trip this year isn't in the cards. We had gone on a short-ish ride in the damp and cold on Saturday. I hadn't slept the night before so was absolutely stupid tired. Nevertheless, it was a good ride but the weath ...Read More

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Motorcycle Rides - Sights from the Road - Georgia

The road narrows to cut through this historic farm in Dial, Georgia.   Roadside Farm in Dial, GA( Hearing a car approaching I'd stepped to the grass to let it pass. Though I'd been through several times before, something today made me appreciate this spot along the Toccoa River where the road narrowed to thread through the old wooden buildings of the homestead. The approaching car s ...Read More

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An Iconic Wayah Road Motorcycle Stop Reopens -

Located at the corner of Wayah Road and Old Murphy Road just west of Franklin, Loafer's Glory is back.   Loafer's Glory(   In an area with such notable motorcycle rides as the The Dragon and the Cherohala Skyway, Wayah Road ranks highly as another curvy cruise. It climbs from the upstream end of scenic Nantahala Gorge along the whitewater river to reach alpine Nantahala Lake which feeds the fl ...Read More

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An Overlooked Attraction in Highlands for your Motorcycle Ride

An easily overlooked spot in Highlands, NC - The Will Henry Stevens Covered Bridge at the Bascom Art Center makes a great stop on your motorcycle ride to see the waterfalls. Will Henry Stevens Covered Bridge at the Bascom Art Center(     We've ridden past this roadside attraction for years yet it never registered as a place to stop on our motorcycle ...Read More

4 years ago
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Managing Geo Location of Uploaded Photos

This is an article that will contain information about how to manage geo-location of uploaded photos. ...Read More

4 years ago
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I used to think I knew good roads.

I've been riding motorcycles for quite a while as have a number of my friends. In our little circle, I'm often known as the "one who knows the good roads." As soon as I got my license as a teenager, I would wander off in search of good roads to ride. I would stumble across them here and there. Once I found one, I would always return to it especially if I was guiding friends. Who wants to take the risk and lead your friends into heavy traffic, a stoplight nightmare, or some suburban hell or de ...Read More

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Go Left at the Roundabout

It’s official, the adventure is underway. We picked up our rental bikes this morning at Road Trip.    Doing the paperwork (   The sun came out briefly as we loaded up but we ran into problems when our Sena radios refused to communicate. We wasted too much time trying to reset them and by the time we got on the road a cold rain had begun.   Ready to leave( ...Read More

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Woking Up!

We arrived this morning in Woking, UK. This English town of about 65,000 in Surrey is noted for being the first place the martians landed in H.G.Wells “War of the Worlds”.   (   About 25 minutes ride from Heathrow Airport, Woking is where we pick up our rental motorcycles for this trip. The heart of town is pretty and modern, Doubletree Hotel, Woking, UK( ...Read More

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Irish Spring - The Basics

We'll spend the next 10 days traveling to Europe and back for a motorcycle ride through England, Ireland, and Wales.   Jackie and Wayne - Dolomites, Italy(   Jackie and I are doing a self guided ride set up by Magellan Tours. We'll start and end in London where our rental bikes are located. I'm riding a 2019 BMW 1200 GS and Jackie will be riding a 2019 BMW 1200 RT.   One bag, He ...Read More

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Pulaski, VA

We arrived this evening at the Jackson Park Inn, Pulaski, VA. The day went well with a good number of new roads collected and another good bit that did not meet the bar.  Jackson Park Inn(   There was a small delay when Yermo’s bike needed some minor mechanical attention but otherwise we covered a good deal of ground.    ...Read More

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Mountain Lake Lodge

A good long day yesterday. We arced east from Natural Bridge through Big Island then worked around a closed section of the Blue Ridge Parkway to Buchanan. Then it was out to WV exploring roads off 311.  Paint Bank, VA( Ultimately we worked back down along I-77 to the Mountain Lake Inn outside Pembroke. The list of good news roads is growing, I’ll have plenty of work when I get home. ...Read More

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Quick Update From Natural Bridge, VA

Long day riding some Tigjt little mountain roads. We had the company of Jay Gwaldis, a good friend for the day. He met us at breakfast then rode with us contributing his knowledge of the area and one of the best roads.  Now at the historic Natural Bridge Hotel. More story and photos in the morning. Need some rest.  Jay Gwaldis & Yermo Lamers( Lake Moomaw(https://adv-tra ...Read More

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A Night at the Fort Lewis Lodge

There are reasons we return to the Fort Lewis Lodge near Millsboro,VA. Practically speaking the location is seemingly remote when you are there, yet it is surrounded by some outstanding riding. The setting is a beautiful valley, green rolling pastures, the Horsepasture River nearby, mountains on the horizons. The lodge, it’s cabins, and outbuildings blend with the surroundings. It is quiet, relaxing, accommodating and luxurious   The Mill House( ...Read More

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Monday Night - Arrival

The drone up the interstates was uneventful. Warm and dry.  I exited I-81 when I hit the traffic coming in to Roanoke. Heading west on US 311 I quickly found my way to new backroads. The first was decent, but of the half dozen I looked at only two will make the maps and then just as good connector roads.  My plans to continue working my way north on virgin turf changed when I crested a hill and viewed the apocalypse rainstorm rushing my way. I dogged it back to US 220 and lost the race ...Read More

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The Night Before Leaving

I'm tired. It's been a couple months of work building new maps of the areas in Virginia I already cover. It's time for an update.   Map 1 - Great roads Near the Start of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia(   I've not visited some of these roads for nearly a decade. Others are old friends, ones I use whenever I pass through the are ...Read More

5 years ago
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Livewire - a specific design.

January 15, 2019 Livewire - a specific design. Introducing the motorcycle built to cruise Wall St.  I must give our friends in Milwaukee kudos for slogging through and delivering what (in part) has needed to happen for some time. How does the most famous motorcycle marque in the world begin to re-shape it’s brand and product range in a way to appeal to new and different riders? It takes a significant shift to make this sort of change. Ironically with bikes that don’t shift. Four yea ...Read More