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10 years ago
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Review: Adventure Motorcycling on the Trans America Trail - DVD

By Yermo. A little later this year, I will be embarking on another cross country trip this time off-road along the Trans Am Trail. This is something completely new for me and, at first glance, seems like a difficult and treacherous fools errand. As is the case with most efforts involving the great unknown filled with unnamed risks, I have no way of knowing what I'm getting myself into. How doable is it? How dangerous? What should I prepare for? Will I sink up to the frame in mud? What tha ...Read More

Andrew Pain
11 years ago
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Guest Post: On the advantages of adventure and overland travel with a small motorcycle.

This is a guest post by M-BY-MC member Andrew Pain. Andrew isa writer, motorcyclist, and paramedic currently living in Milwaukee,WI. He is the author of: and You can find him on twitter @painonpatrol,,and BMWR1200GSA.For many riders this is the premier adventure motorcycle. The GoldStandard. The Bike You Need if you want to Go Somewhere. Other markshave strove to ...Read More