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6 years ago
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A Ride with Gary Weaver ....

I first became aware of Gary a number of years ago when, to my surprise, he lifted some photos of my Beloved Blue Oil Burner from my Facebook page and reposted them to the BMW MOA Group. It turns out he also had had a blue K' bike. I was a bit taken a back at first but I figured it didn't hurt anything. Over the years, he would do this a number of times.  It didn't take long for me to realize he had a big footprint in the BMW world and knew well many of the motorcycle people I had met in p ...Read More

6 years ago
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On Mapping: Mapping on

Background Miles By Motorcycle originally grew out of my desire to have a better place for my friends and I to discuss, plan, and document our motorcycle travels.  There's quite a bit of of knowledge involved in travelling long distance by motorcycle. There are bikes to consider for differents kinds of trips. There are awesome roads hidden between seemingly endless superslab and conjested towns. There are hidden gem places only locals know.  There are shops, restaurants, cool old ...Read More

6 years ago
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On Navigation: Coordinates, Tracks, Routes, and GPX Files.

As I continue to make progress on the Miles By Motorcycle mapping tools, I've been asked a number of times recently to explain the difference between the concepts of "Tracks" and "Routes" as they occur on GPSs, the maps here on the site, and in GPX files.  My hope is that this answers some of those questions. First, a little background: Latitude and Longitude The foundation concept for all navigation is the geographic coordinate system. For simplicity's sake, the Earth can ...Read More

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October 26 - Progress and Delays

Almost ready to move back to this project. The weather turned bad, then it was time for our trip out to Snowbird Lodge. Overnight to Snowbird Lodge - Oct 12 - 13( I spent the next several days working and riding with Yermo. We got a lot done and hit some extreme roads. Since, I've been mining a new set of maps to scout for additional roads and tweaking the exisiting roads on our maps. I'm just wrapping ...Read More

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October 9 - North or South?

I decided to take a look at the roads north of Suches to see if it made better sense to visit this area first. Both north and south of GA 60 are full of potential. To get to the south section we have to ride past some of these roads. Is it a better strategy to start here?   There are still roughly 50 miles of unpaved roads to explore. Things to ponder. Mapping Suches - North of GA 60(     ...Read More

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October 9 - Plan of Attack

The best way to map this area would be to plan a stay at Two Wheels of Suches Motorcycle Resort. It would add hours of riding to the days by eliminating the commute to the area. Instead we'll be making this ride in a day. Two Wheels of Suches( While there are several ways to get from my home in Waynesville, NC to Suches, they all take around 2 hours. That's 4 hours of the day gone jus ...Read More

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October 7 - Terra Incognita

My challenge is mapping a section of unpaved roads in the north Georgia mountains. It's fall, a great time to be in the woods on a motorcycle. I've already done maps of the east, south, and west sides of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This next map will encompass the unpaved roads in the north Georgia Blue Ridge.  Wayne & BMW G 650 XChallenge( October 7 - Terra Inco ...Read More