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8 years ago
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The Custom Saddlemen Seat Experience

Last year, I met Tom Seymour on the Cannonball Centennial Ride. He's the founder of Saddlemen Seats. After seeing a number of seats from that company on the ride and being very impressed, I asked Tom if I could get one made for my bike. "Just contact me and I'll hook you up." he said. When I got home I contacted him to see who in his company I should talk to about having a seat made for my beloved Blue Oil Burner and asked him what the price range would be. "I really don't want to take your m ...Read More

9 years ago
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Guest Post : Review of the Sena 20S

This is a guest post by Miles By Motorcycle member, Lisa Hallwhich was originally posted to theforum here. In Lisa's own words, "I'm a passionate motorcyclist. If I'm not riding I'm reading about riding. I've been riding for over 21 years and have logged over 275,000 miles. I'm getting close to 300,00. My husband and I began riding at the same time and we have loved each and every mile. We've been involved with group riding since 96 and have led thousands of rides and trips. I do all of the r ...Read More

11 years ago
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A Review of The Total Control Advanced Rider Clinic

Executive Summary As everyone knows, I'm a big believer in motorcycle training. The Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic is a motorcycle riding course, taught in locations around the country, that takes techniques developed by motorcycle racers and applies them to street riding for the purpose of increasing your control of the motorcycle, and thereby options, when Bad Things happen.Consider coming into a blind corner and there's a deer in the middle of the street. Do you go wide into oncomi ...Read More

13 years ago
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Gear Review - Yermo's Review of the Aerostich Transit Suit (a.k.a. My Toxic Suit)

So I had this vision for what I wanted this review to be. Unfortunately, this is not that review. This is a lesser review. I made an editing pass and added a few more impressions here and there. The Executive Summary of My Impressions of the Aerostich Transit Suit Yes, it is 100% water proof. A couple thousand miles of epic rain proves it. The only time water gets in is if you're stuck in slow traffic and some leaks down your neck or there's no one to remind you to close your pockets. Yes, ...Read More