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I know there has not been much activity here in quite some time. As time permits, I've still been chewing away at improving the site and trying very hard to craft a reliable cross platform mobile app which has proven much more challenging than I ever imagined. 

However, some progress has been made and we have our first early alpha testers busily finding all kinds of bugs and shortcomings which keeps my life interesting. 

Interestingly, many of the first people who have expressed any interest in helping test the app have not been motorcyclists. One is a long distance bicyclist who has used it on a couple trips.

Adventure (270669)
last year

bikepack C&O/GAP Wash -> Pitt

Scheduled to Start on: 'Wednesday May 17th, 2023 0:00'

bikepacking westbound Washington DC -> Pittsburgh, PA via C&O Canal Trail and Great Allegheny Passage

 I've had people in the 4x4 overlanding community ask to test it. I have hikers who want to use it to plan and document their hikes. 

And over the last couple of years, my own interests have expanded outside of long distance motorcycling as I've been pulled somewhat reluctantly into long distance open ocean sailing. 

It just felt natural to use this platform to document those adventures here as well. 

Adventure (260342)
2 years ago

Sailing Adventure Aboard AraVilla (No Motorcycles Involved)

This adventure took place on 'Wednesday November 3rd, 2021'

The trip that got me into sailing. I've been invited to crew on a 46' catamaran sailboat leaving from Annapolis, Maryland to St Martin. I am tempted to stand up another site just for this trip, so as to not dilute Miles By Motorcycle, but I am stretched pretty thin these days so I don't know if I'll get that done before I leave. I just find having a place where I can keep all the things around a trip in one place is just too useful, so this "ride" is where I am planning and will document my upcoming sailing adventure. Feel free to join the site and "watch" this "ride" to get notifications when I post updates. There will be a number of days when I won't have any signal so updates will be intermittent.

In the last two and a half years, I've spent a solid three or more months aboard a number of boats and during one crossing it dawned on me, somewhat late, that despite believing I'd been developing a platform for motorcycle travels, I realized that in fact I've been building an adventure travel site that could be used to plan, track, and share all kinds of different styles of adventure travels whether by motorcycle, car, bicycle, by boat, or on foot. 

The domain name was available so I jumped at the chance to register it. 

My good friend, Stacie, a wonderful graphic designer, came up with a gorgeous logo that I think embodies what we are now trying to do here:

Adv Traveler Logo

I had pondered launching a separate site for Adv-Traveler and keeping Miles-By-Motorcycle as is, but running two instances of all this stuff is a bit much for this skeleton crew, so I opted just to keep everything the same and just change the name. No features have been taken away. Miles-By-Motorcycle is now just one "channel" under a bigger Adv-Traveler umbrella. It is still a great place to plan and track motorcycle adventures. 

You'll notice notifications now come from instead of 

The one downside is that you will have to log in again if you'd like to use the site. Just use your same login and password as before. 

As always, if you notice any of the persistent inevitable problems or have any suggestions, please let me know. You can comment on this article or use the contact link at the top to get in touch with me. 

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