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I am feeling the pressure to get all this code I'm writing done ... it's always a question of how much is enough and whether or not a given shortcut I take now, to get something done faster, will cause me great pain in the future.

However,I'm still on target to have a first version of the social maps code built and integrated before the end of January. I've made a huge amount of progress on the foundation code that everything else will be built on top of.Once that's done, adding new features becomes much easier. The design I've chosen has proven to be quite flexible and it looks like it'll allow me to do everything I want to. Doing the actual maps layer on top of this will be quite easy by comparison.

As I've mentioned before, the new foundation really won't be all that different from what's up here right now, but it will allow me to start testing the codebase in a live use situation and start sorting out the inevitable bugs that will come up. Updates to the site after that will happen more often.

The mobile app itself will be done differently. It will get built from scratch but I'm not going to have to build a huge foundation framework for it. So I'll do that one iteratively hopefully releasing many small updates as features become ready.

I hope to be looking for alpha testers by March if not earlier.

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