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Author Bio:Simone is social media enthusiast and writer for Competition Accessories, a leading onlinemotorcycle store. Some of her favorite trails to ride are along the Gulf Coast and in the Smoky Mountains. She rides aDucati Monster 696.

No man is an island, or so the sayinggoes, and no place is better to soak in some alone time than rumblingdown the road on a warm and sunny day on any kind of motorcycle.Despite the fact that riding one can be a freeing and independentexperience, the biker community is well-knit and its members tend tolook out for each other. In these times of technological advancethere exist an almost innumerable amount of biker-centric sites, butthe most interesting are the ones that are the most interactive.

From sites that allow you to pick froma list of biker-approvedtrails, to sites that will help you plot your own ride, there isa variety of interactive tools available to todays motorcycleenthusiast. Some exist to connect the biker community through variousforums and bikerorganizations while others merely exist to enhance certain aspects ofriding like gear, electronics, and techniques.

If youre looking to connect withlike-minded bikers there is also a plethora of sites designed to helpyou findand meet other motorcycle riders, motorcycle clubs, you can evenstart your own club. Other sites, like TotalMotorcycle have harnessed their full social media potential andpresent interactive biker forums on Facebook, Twitter, Google+,YouTube and Blogger. But one unique new tool, created by insurancecompany Allstate, allows bikers across the world to connect overanother important motorcycle issue: safety.

The RiderRisk Map lives on Facebook, though one does not need a Facebookaccount to use it, and includes icons of rider risk areasidentified and added by bikers, upcoming biker rallies and theirdates, even Allstate-installed signs that reveal state-by-statemotorcycle safety factoids. There is even an option to search for adestination and then get special riding directions to it.

While the Rider Risk Map is intended tohelp keep bikers safe, there are other resources that are concernedwith fun. Traveling makes up half of any trip, so its nice to havea few memorable stops planned along the way from point a to point b.One such site has hundreds of roadsideattractions in the USA that are listed state by state and providea ton of great options for your next ride.

So next time you head out for a longride or just a spin around the block, head out with a new andbiker-approved purpose. There are literally thousands of options outthere so keep it safe and have fun!

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