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SV Will Sea Delivery to Charleston

This adventure took place on 'Wednesday January 10th, 2024'

The sailing vessel Will Sea needs to be moved from Bucksport, SC along the Atlantic Intra-Coastal Waterway (ICW) to Charleston, SC where she will get some needed improvements before being sailed up to Annapolis in the spring. The challenge will be avoiding all the very shallows parts of the ICW. There's one swing bridge we will need to time correctly. Being very conservative we've decided to break this short trip into three sections. Day 1 we'll head from Bucksport, SC to Georgetown, SC where we'll grab a transient slip. The next day we'll do the longest leg from Georgetown, SC to Isle of Palms, SC. Then there's just a short stretch the next day to get to Charleston which should allow us to pass through the shallowest section at high tide with plenty of the depth to spare. The boat needs some prep work before Wayne and I attempt the voyage so I'm heading down a few days early to get things ship shape. I'll end up staying in Charleston for several days while I arrange to get estimates for all the various improvements I want to make to the boat. Between this nasty flu I've had and the distance, scheduling all of this has proven challenging. I'm interested to see what surprises wait for us.

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Chesapeake Sail Aboard Aravilla

This adventure took place on 'Tuesday October 24th, 2023'

I'm joining Dana to sail Aravilla from Baltimore to Norfolk. We have extra time so we're planning on just sailing during the day time, no overnights.

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Tabasco Charter - April 2023

This adventure took place on 'Saturday April 1st, 2023'

We're chartering Tabasco out of Sint Maarten again.

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AraVilla Crossing From Norfolk to St Maarten

This adventure took place on 'Monday November 14th, 2022'

We are crewing once again on a crossing from Norfolk to St Maarten aboard AraVilla, a Leopard 46 Catamaran. Start and end times are approximate because we are limited by weather. There are a few systems developing and may throw a wrench in our plans.

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Crewing Aboard Tabasco from Atlantic City to Annapolis

Scheduled to Start on: 'Monday October 3rd, 2022 5:00'
This is an open adventure.

I've been asked to crew on Tabasco. The vessel is currently anchored in shelter waiting for the storm to pass. I'm taking a bus up to join them. It's anticipated to be a 27 hour sail but the weather forecast has changed somewhat.

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Tabasco Bermuda Adventure

This adventure took place on 'Sunday April 17th, 2022'

Once again we're departing on a funny looking motorcycle for a crossing from Bermuda to Halifax, Nova Scotia. This will also be the first trip where we should, fingers crossed, have offline posting of status updates and photos. This has been a capability I have wanted for the longest time.

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Frederick Watershed and Michaux 4x4 Excursion

This adventure took place on 'Saturday December 11th, 2021'

Lisa wants to take her jeep off pavement so we're planning a little jaunt up to the better parts of the watershed and Michaux State Forest. Since this is not a motorcycle ride just set yourself to "watching".

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Sailing Adventure Aboard AraVilla (No Motorcycles Involved)

This adventure took place on 'Wednesday November 3rd, 2021'

The trip that got me into sailing. I've been invited to crew on a 46' catamaran sailboat leaving from Annapolis, Maryland to St Martin. I am tempted to stand up another site just for this trip, so as to not dilute Miles By Motorcycle, but I am stretched pretty thin these days so I don't know if I'll get that done before I leave. I just find having a place where I can keep all the things around a trip in one place is just too useful, so this "ride" is where I am planning and will document my upcoming sailing adventure. Feel free to join the site and "watch" this "ride" to get notifications when I post updates. There will be a number of days when I won't have any signal so updates will be intermittent.

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Best of the COBDR 2020

This adventure took place on 'Monday August 3rd, 2020'

5 riders meet in Denver then set out to explore the hardest and highest sections of the Colorado Back Country Discovery Route on a 5 day ride on the highest mountain trails.

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Fall Luxury Mapping Trip to WV

This adventure took place on 'Saturday October 20th, 2018'

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Yermo's 2016 Trans-Am Trail Trip

This adventure took place on 'Wednesday August 10th, 2016'

I will have to attempt this again at some point.

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13 years ago

2010 Deadhorse Alaska Trip

This adventure took place on 'Tuesday June 1st, 2010'

The trip that started it all, now so long ago.