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Name:Duncan Sterling
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My hobbies and interests (afflictions?) include diesel, boating (power, sail, navigation, technology) , Mercedes Benz, BMW, motorcycles (BMW, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, well all brands really), 2 stroke engines, turbine engines, general military and defense topics, rotary engines, general health and nutrition topics, pre 1968 two stroke Saab 96/95 and two stroke cars (DKW, Wartburg, Trabant, Subaru) in general, recreational vehicles, real estate and real estate investments, stock and investments, solar power, wind power, biofuels, computers and IT, nuclear power, travel, space travel and space law and policy, climate, climate change and climate engineering, human psychology and consciousness, animal psychology, meteorology, physical geography, fluvial geomorphology, high powered model rocketry, radio control models, general automation, general technology, internet, food, cooking, environment, carbon sequestration, transportation policy, communications, general energy, physics, the state of Maine, the state Maryland, the Chesapeake Bay, general politics, single malt scotch, oil and oil law and policy, general business, Barbeque and grilling, home construction and maintenance, ultralight aircraft, general aviation, wine, water usage and policy, hydrology, gardening, astronomy, aerospace technology, gerontology and economics (both Macro and Micro) to name just a few.