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Yermo's 2016 Trans-Am Trail Trip

'Wednesday August 10th, 2016 10:00'
This adventure is over.

I've spent the last four days with Francios and Megan who run Dual Sport Touring, Inc. I keep trying to tell Megan the last people who fed me this well had to put up "Do Not Feed The Yermos" signs in the neighborhood. They do not believe me at their own peril.

I had all the best intentions of writing about the last four days and what I've experienced and all I've learned, but there simply hasn't been enough quiet time. So much has happened and I fear it will get lost to time.

I am extremely grateful for all their help. As a result of my time here, I feel much more prepared for the journey ahead.  

I leave tomorrow to head to Andrews, North Carolina where I will find the new start of the Trans Am Trail. 



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