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    3 years ago
    We probably do 30% dirt or so. The TKC 80's are too aggressive given how much pavement we do. I suspect we'd be looking at more of a 50/50 tire. I've heard good things about the Mitas. 

    Thanks for all this! 
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    Take a look at these. I don't know about sizing for you. They do surprisingly well off road, decent on road. 
    Link #165107

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    3 years ago
    Hey Yermo,
    I recently picked up a 850gs and it was running the Trail Max tires.  I've only taken the bike onto Michaux forest gravel roads, but they did a great job. (I air them down to about 30 psi) On the road they feel like road tires up to 70mph, beyond that I felt they could be a little buzzy.  But that could also just be the bike.  Good luck, but honestly in 2021 there are a lot of good tire choices.  Cheers ... DS
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    3 years ago
    MudFoot, thanks!
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    3 years ago
    ah, the tire thread. About time mbm had this discussion. 

    My experience is with Midas e07, e07+ and e10 tires. The e07 tires are 50/50 tires that are great off road, but they do well on road too. Pretty quiet, relatively. And long life. E10’s are almost tkc80’s, with a little more wear. Not what you’re seeking. 
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    3 years ago
    Oh cool. Thank you Robermcm for the feedback. I appreciate it.