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    I'm glad to see new people signing up to the ARM OPEN group, in fact, a little surprised. There's not been much activity here recently, in fact I suspect some of the posted info has lost some detail. Trust me, it will come back and there will be expansion. 

    Welcome to you newbies, a poke to you legacy members. If there is something I can help you with, ask, maybe I can do it.

    Currently I am totally absorbed going through the thousands of roads I have catalogued, upgrading them to the new standards Yermo has blessed us with, and moving them into the America Rides Maps Subscription Group where riders will soon be able to access all of my data for a small monthly subscription. 

    The America Rides Maps Open Group will remain free where I will post routes of interest with GPX download available in most cases. Let me know what you're curious about and I may be able to assist.

    Thanks for joining!