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    I'm pretty confident I've deleted a bunch of stuff from the maps and rides I've already posted. Please bear with me. Ultimately I'll go back in and remedy it all.

    I have three Miles-by-Motorcycle groups - This one, the PUBLIC Group, and two more.

    The America Rides Maps DEVELOPMENT group is the oldest and it used to hold most everything. It is evolving to be my personal library of GPS tracks, rides, and other minor uses including testing and development with Yermo. 

    The newest group is the America.Rides.Maps - SUBSCRIPTION group. I'm moving stuff out of the development group into the subscription group and deleting the old info to minimize duplicate entries. That's how I'm breaking things.

    The focus is on the SUBSCIPTION group. Here, I'm recreating my printed maps and adding all the enhancements MBM provides. I've mapped more than two thousand roads, and I'm close to done with the process. 

    Sorry for the inconveniences.