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    We are motorcycle travelers. Uncertainty is annoying. As corona continues to explode I'm frustrated not to have the next trip or two lined up. Could there be more shutdowns or restrictions? It's hard to know. Those limitations killed some of last years trips and required modifications to others. As they are all set up here on MBM they can be easily recycled but the question is when?

    So far I've only tentatively committed to one trip in late August / September. Surely we'll be vaccinated by then and this nonsense will have calmed down over the summer. Still, I don't know I can wait that long.

    I learned some things traveling during covid last year. Maybe we were just lucky, or we planned well. The temptation to get out on the road again is really eating at me.

    Do you have any plans for 2021 and when are you ready to go? Are you taking precautions or throwing caution to the wind? Inspire me!    
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    3 years ago
    The lack of motorcycling has been wearing on me pretty heavily. I didn't take a single trip last year.

    I really want to do a long multi-week trip, maybe out West, but the new UK and especially South African variants of COVID-19 have me quite concerned. Over the last few days, quite a few people in my Facebook friends feed have tested positive, a number of them local. 

    Given that I'm in a high risk group, I will probably have to wait until I can get the vaccine but it will also depend on how effective the vaccine turns out to be against the new variants. My fear is that it's going to be a few years before we can travel like we used to. 

    But if I can get the vaccine and in the intervening months it's shown to be effective against new strains, as soon as the two week waiting period after the second dose is done, I'll most likely get on my bike and had down your way.
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    Here in NC you'd be way ahead of me in line. My mom just registered for people over 75. Their are various tiers below that, though we fall into the last category, "other people 18-65". Of course, that all revolves on how fast and how much vaccine we get which seems to be a boondoggle at the Federal level. I'll register as soon as I can do so and am confident there will be a lot of covidiots who won't be vaccinated moving me ahead in the process.

    In the mean time over the next few months get your bike and gear prepared for the MABDR. As soon as I can travel safely I'm ready to go. It will only take a day or to to pull together the reservations.