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3 years ago
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Kubernetes for Sysadmins Kelsey Hightower at PuppetConf 2016

Kelsey Hightower of Google presents "Kubernetes for Sysadmins" at PuppetConf 2016.

5 years ago
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Memory Graph Debugger - Debugging in iOS - Xcode, Swift, iOS -

Discover how to find retain cycles and memory leaks using Xcode 8's new memory graph debugger. View other screencasts over here: https://videos.raywenderlich...

6 years ago
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2016 - FOSS4G: Create Vector Tiles from OpenStreetMap

The OSM2VectorTiles project offers free downloadable vector tiles ready to use by people interested in hosting custom base maps on their own infrastructure. ...

6 years ago
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Kubernetes Webinar Series - Getting Started with Kubernetes

Join us to learn how to deploy your first containerized application on the most popular orchestration engine. You will understand the basic concepts of Kuber...