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    Right now it's hard to get motivated to make big plans with all this Covid confusion. Still, it is time to start thinking about them, to break this pandemic paralysis and change the mindset from stagnation to expectation. I suppose there's the option of recycling some of this years plans that were cancelled.

    Have you started making any? If so, where? 
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    3 years ago
    Pondering the MABDR and NEBDR routes. 
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    The MABDR is all layed out. That's an easy one.

    Were it not for the pandemic I'd be looking at a fly/rent/ride trip about now. So Cal / Baja would be nice. 
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    3 years ago
    I was thinking of doing the 1100 miles NY to TN in the spring including the difficult sections. I realize it’s well documented and fairly groomed. However it is 1100 miles of camping and riding. 
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    3 years ago
    Absmith216, once down in TN there's so much fantastic riding to be had both on pavement and off.
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    I visited some of the stops this year, rode a little of the paved sections, but have not spent any time on the unpaved stuff. I did lay it all out, I'll include for reference - 

    Map #85050

    Ride Plan : MABDR May 2020

    Riding the Mid Atlantic Backcountry Discovery Route early May 2020 to test and launch the new Miles By Motorcycle Software.

    Yermo Lamers and Wayne Busch will traverse the 1082 mile mixed route from bottom to top as the initial field test of the new Miles By Motorcycle platform. The goal is to test and tweak the software if needed, document the route as we go and share photos, video, and our experiences on social media, record the road characteristics marking paved / unpaved / easy / difficult sections, water crossings, and such, and have fun riding together.

    Day 1 - Damascus, VA to Mountain Lake, VA
    Day 2 - Mountain Lake, VA to Warm Springs, VA
    Day 3 - Warm Springs, VA to Petersburg, WV
    Day 4 - Peteresberg, WV to Shepherdstown, WV
    Day 5 - Shepherdstown, WV to Harpers Ferry, WV
    Day 6 - Harpers Ferry, WV to Shippensberg, PA
    Day 7 - Shippensburg, PA to State College, PA
    Day 8 - State College, PA to Cedar Run, PA
    Day 9 - Cedar Run, PA to Berkley Springs, WV

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    The NEBDR route is quite convoluted. That's attractive. 
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    3 years ago
    Some of the photos I've seen make it look pretty challenging. I'm going to be practicing in preparation.
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    3 years ago
    would love to do the nebdr next year and see you guys on the way.  Number two in BDR difficulty. I’m proud of the east coast for having this prized route. 
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    3 years ago
    the PA challenge sections can be tough on a big bike. The 12 miler near Poe paddy is doable, but getting worse each year. Ruts and water. The 2 miler north of there in section 8 is wicked. Did it once on a gsa and don’t desire to do it again. Deep, wet, narrow greasy two track. Exhausting for me. 

    in terms of beauty, I love the northern pa part of the mabdr the best. But I’ve only made it south to section 4, and I think there’s some sweet riding in sections 3 and 2. 
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    3 years ago
    Robermcm, good to know. Thanks for the insights. I'm going to be riding on a DR650SE outfitted as an ADV bike. 
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    3 years ago
    a dr650 is the perfect adv bike for those challenge sections. Also, enjoy the big hill just south of the Poe paddy campground. It’s on the mabdr route, great vista at the top, Baby head rocks on the climb, if headed south. 

    the only other notable big bike challenge in PA is the switchback climb (if headed south) near castle rock (north of Poe paddy an hour or so). Even more baby headed rocks. 

    PA is great!
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    3 years ago
    I'm looking forward to it.
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    3 years ago
    yermo, you ride the mabdr yet? We hope to ride Pa again, probably in July. Would be fun to synch up if timing worked. 
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    3 years ago
    I haven't ridden it yet but it's on the plan for 2020. I should be fully vaccinated by middle May so that should open things up a bit. 

    If you're up for it, plan your ride on your account here (Profile -> Rides -> Schedule Ride) and then invite me to it. If the timing works out maybe I can come up and join you for a leg.