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Welcome to this free initiative that started with the simple desire to have a public discussion about the state of motorcycling and how we can lean in to help create a better future for riders. The mission for GAS is to elevate motorcycling through constructive criticism via a series of panels based on informed anonymity. Participants in the panels are selected for having a diverse and informed perspective, and are not compensated. There is no fee or trade of information for anybody to download the reports, transcripts and associated materials with the GAS panels. 

The project will continue as we roll into 2018, by hosting panels for the five major topics that came out of the initial meeting. As stated in the report - there is no silver bullet that will help motorcycling. There are many positive areas and brands doing well, however new model sales have flattened after a crushing 2009, and there are opportunities to increase ridership in all demographics.  

Thank you for your time and attention - and for your efforts to elevate motorcycling’s future. Please encourage Powersports friends and associates to sign up for the email list on the right. 

Robert Pandya

  • Site updates include several new blog posts, and a podcasts tab where we will host more interviews soon. Thanks to Yermo for updating the site! 
  • Give A Shift Roundtable #1 (Summary Report, Transcript, Industry Report) - Download
  • Crashing the System - Adding motorcycle-friendly technology to V2V systems - Download
  • Give A Shift Happy Hour Audio (Jan 11, 2018 event)  - Download

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