Are Kevlar Jeans as Good as Leather?Subscribe to this blog RSS Feed
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    4 years ago
    Can Kevlar jeansprotect you as well as leather riding pants can?
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    4 years ago
    I'm not an expert on this subject but what I have read is that it's going to depend on the kind of fall. Leather is almost always a better option for abrasion protection. I have a set of kevlar reinforced jeans but after riding with them a few times I don't feel comfortable. No hip armor and the knee armor moves around too much so I feel like it's likely the knee armor would not be positioned correctly.

    One thing to look at might be Bohn Armor, it goes underneath, at at least for impact protection the armor is less likely to move around:

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    Neither leather nor jeans are something I use. Neither seems versatile enough for 4 season riding.  
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    4 years ago
    So your experience about Kevlar jeans is not good, that's why you can say the leather jeans are best. but I have checked the Kevlar jeans slide time is 9 second and abrasion-resistance is perfect, you can try EndoGear Motorcycle riding apparel when you are going to ride.