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3 years ago
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ARM VLOG Episode 3 - RONA RIDE Day 1 - Up the Blue Ridge Parkway

When our big New England motorcycle ride is cancelled by Coronavirus closures, Wayne from America Rides Maps quickly pulls together an alternative - RONA RID...

4 years ago
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Ride Report: 404 miles on a DR650SE out and back to the Maryland panhandle with the best of friends.

The original plan had been to lead Duncan and Bruce down to the area where I had accompanied Wayne, of America Rides Maps, as he scouted routes for his new Virginia and West Virginia maps. Those roads were nuts. But due to circumstances well out of our collective control, a multi-day trip this year isn't in the cards. We had gone on a short-ish ride in the damp and cold on Saturday. I hadn't slept the night before so was absolutely stupid tired. Nevertheless, it was a good ride but the weath ...Read More

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I was trying to type up a long and detailed report of the ride that Yermo( and I went on this past weekend, but the post was eaten by a Grue. So here's the short version. LPR->SGLLPR In the MSF BRC they teach you that turning is as simple as "Look Press Roll". In Yermo training you learn that it's more like: Shift- make sure you're in the right gear Grip- the tank with your legs Look- through the turn Lean- over the bars, bringing your elbow down toward your knee (which is gripping the tank) Press- sort of happens naturally when you look and lean Roll- on the throttle all the way through the turn It was also a weekend of firsts. First overnight motorcycle trip. First time riding in the rain. First time riding on the interstate. First time riding in stop and go traffic. First time riding at night. First time riding in the front. First time dropping the bike at speed. First time doing road-side engine repair and an oil change. Yea, there's a much longer story to go along with those last two. Essentially, I learned that I'm comfortable on pavement but I need more experience with gravel. All things considered, I'm glad it happened. Sept 2014 Two Day Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia mountain twisties loop(

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10 years ago
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Road Report: 2013 Gap To Seattle Trip : Days 5 and 6 - Getting out of Dodge

An evolving social network for the lucky few who travel by motorcycle and those who care about them.
10 years ago
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Road Report Day 1: A Trial By Fire on Peters Mill Run Trail

An evolving social network for the lucky few who travel by motorcycle and those who care about them.
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At buffalo( 's suggestion, Yun Lung Yang( , Paola and I headed South and East to ride the roads of Southern Maryland. This was a beautiful site seeing tour on a gorgeous day. Route 234 this time less green( Route 234 asphalt perspective( Sena Futzing - My GPS wont talk to me.( Rays of Sunshine in the Pines on St George Island( A Camp on the Potomac( Yun and Paola( Point Lookout( Point Lookup( Duncan hit 10K on his K1300S(

11 years ago byYermo