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SV Will Sea

This channel documents the voyages, trials, and tribulations of the Sailing Vessel Will Sea, a 1991 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 44. 

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The Sailing Vessel Will Sea

<p>By request, this is a place where I will share some stories about the Sailing Vessel&nbsp;Will Sea,&nbsp;a 1991 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 44 that I have purchased specifically to learn and practice managing a boat of this size.</p>

5 months ago byYermo
2 years ago
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Dana pondering the course out into deep water to the Gulf Stream

Dana pulls out the paper chart to ponder our course.

2 years ago
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Beginners Guide to Sailing - An Introduction

This is a basic beginners guide to how boats sail, parts of a boat, points of sail and a triangular course.

2 years ago
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Heaving to What is it and why should know how to do it?

Heaving to (heave to / hove to) involves parking the boat while out at sea. It's easy to do but it takes a little practice as every boat is different!
2 years ago
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MAN OVERBOARD! how to recover on a catamaran. Multi cam with onboard commentary

It's essential to know what do do if your crew or helm or anyone else falls off the boat.Here we look at some techniques Thanks for watching. If you would li...

2 years ago
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Why Catamarans Capsize, A Scientific Explanation (For Beginners) Catamaran Freedom

When people see a catamaran, many think of capsizing, which has proven to be a way less common event than your average forum thread would