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A Motorcycle Ride in Coal Country, West Virginia

Our motorcycle trip to West Virginia to explore the mountain back roads. The focus was on the south tip of the state - Coal Country. Who: Jackie Busch, Wayne Busch, Yermo Lamers What: Motorcycle Trip When: October 20 - 23, 2018 Where: Glade Springs, WV, Blowing Rock, NC, Waynesville, NC Why: Explore Roads in Southern West Virginia   Yermo and Jackie(   Saturday, October 20 - start ...Read More

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RAM Finger Grip Mount for Motorcyces

Looking for a more permanent mount for my phone on my new motorcycle I came across the RAM Finger Grip mount. It's a simple clamp to install on the bars and holds the phone securely on all 4 sides. The RAM ball mounts make it easy to reposition it just right. RAM Finger Mount( The trickiest part is custom fitting the phone to the mount, made a little more difficult as there were no instructions i ...Read More

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Book - The Art of Riding Smooth

The Art of Riding Smooth( The Art of Riding Smooth by Jim FordGet this new book! The Art of Riding Smooth by Jim Ford is simply the best work on the techniques of riding in the mountains well. It’s an easy and fun read with simple to understand methods you can learn to become a safer and more confident rider. For more than a decade Jim has been teaching riders the advanced and unique tech ...Read More

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I am beginning to think Georgia does not want to be mapped...

I am beginning to think Georgia does not want to be mapped. For more than a year now I have been trying to complete the most comprehensive and detailed map of the northeast corner of Georgia's unpaved roads and trails. Things could have gone better at times. Rear wheel is in the shop for new tire(   I've made tremendous progress, I can see the light at the end of the tunne ...Read More

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Smoky Mountain Harley's Project Ridemore

Project Ridemore is sponsored by Smoky Mountain Harley Davidson in Maryville, TN on the north side of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It's goal is to get folks riding through guided weekly rides. I've seen many of these rides on the Project Ridemore Page on Facebook, they are well promoted, and now that I've met a group riding I can say they are well run. I got an early morning Facebook message from Tom Ronn who leads these fun rides in the Smoky Mountains. The Wednesday group was stoppin ...Read More

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Motorcycle Destination - Bell Mountain, Georgia

It didn't take long once the approach road was paved for this Georgia scenic attraction in Hiawassee to get noticed.    [Embedded Reference Error] Bell Mountain is a rocky outcropping overlooking Lake Chatuge in Hiawasse, Georgia. I've read that it is the scars and remnants of a somewhat sketchy and ultimately failed mining effort in 1963.   Yermo at Bell Mountain, Georgia( ...Read More

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Two Blue Ridge Parkway Attractions at Roanoke, VA

It's too easy to ride past two great Blue Ridge Parkway attractions at Roanoke - Mill Mountain and Roanoke Mountain. Both are just south of the city and worth a visit. The Park Service roads which lead to them are well marked.   Roanoke Mountain & Mill Mountain(   Roanoke Mountain Loop Road at Milepost 120.3 is on the east side of the parkway. The 3.75 mile single lane one-way pav ...Read More

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Wayne s Ride Up

I’m currently sitting on Roanoke Mountain overlooking the city as big rain is moving in right about where I suspect I’m going. It looks like it’s innevitable, but I’ll wait here a bit longer so it’s passed when I reach the motel.  It’s been a good ride, the parkway usually is. Got a bunch of nice photos, traffic was light. It’s a very Zen ride.  First drops, time to saddle up and ride into the congestion.  Overlooking Roanoke( ...Read More

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Scouting Roads with Yermo in Georgia

July 19, 2018 - I've been meticulously categorizing the unpaved forest roads and trails in the mountains of north Georgia as I complete a map of them. Yermo came along with me on this trip for several days of explorations and great roads. This was one of the most memorable challenges -    Mapping Georgia Tallulah River(   ...Read More

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For a while I had lost it.

Howdy friends- long time no chat.  The truth is the whole GAS thing started to feel heavy. I got little support, and I failed one friend who was going to help as I was overwhelmed with the tasks ahead. I'm embarrassed by that failure e and I hope she forgives me. I know I am not here to "fix" this industry - but I had hoped that the ripples GAS caused would come back in the form of some sort of action.  I'm guilty of not waiting long enough. I don't know HOW many times i have been agha ...Read More

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Colorado 2018 - Best Roads - Camp Bird Road

Camp Bird Road to Yankeeboy Basin Camp Bird Road to Yankeeboy Basin( Yankeeboy Basin Road(   Coming into town one evening from the Million Dollar Highway I couldn't resist a ride out to see Yankeeboy Basin. The road leaves town from Box Canyon as Camp Bird Road. It starts out as a smooth an ...Read More

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Colorado 2018 - The Best Roads - The Alpine Loop

The Alpine Loop The Alpine Loop( The Alpine Loop - Ash Brooks atop Engineer Pass(   The 65 Mile Alpine Loop was one of our goals this trip and proved to be a highlight. Coursing through the unpaved high mountain passes, the roads weave through old ghost towns and abandoned mines on ...Read More

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Colorado 2018 - The Best Roads - CO 74

CO 74 - Bear Creek Road to Kerr Gulch Road CO 74 / Kerr Gulch Rd(   This is a nice way to avoid I-70 on the west side of Denver.    CO 74 - Bear Creek Road(   It's a commonly used route so expect some traffic but still a nice ride with some engaging curvy sections and nice views.   ...Read More

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Colorado 2018 - The Best Roads - CO 103

CO 103( CO 103 - Mt Evans Scenic Byway(   CO 103 combined with CO HWY 5 forms the Mount Evans Scenic Byway which includes the highest paved road in the US.   CO 103(   The ride is not far fro ...Read More

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Colorado 2018 - The Best Roads - US 50

US 50 US 50( US 50 - Monarch Pass(   US 50 from Poncha Springs to Grand Junction - Poncha Springs lies in a broad flat valley. Heading west the road soon climbs high into the wooded mountains through winding curves to reach Monarch Pass then makes a gradual descent to the beautiful canyons near Gunnison.   US ...Read More

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Colorado 2018 - The Best Roads - CO 133

CO 133 CO 133(   CO 133 - Coal Mine (   CO 133 is a long nice ride we used to approach Aspen. Watch your speed at the west end near Hotchkiss and Paonia, we saw a lot of police activity here.   CO 133( ...Read More

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Colorado 2018 - the Best Roads - CO 82

CO 82 CO 82( CO 82 - Independence Pass(   CO 82 runs from downtown Aspen over Independence Pass to meet US 24 at a remote junction. It's a gradual climb which brings you atop the edge of a huge gorge then circles around the rim. The edge of the road drops thousand ...Read More

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Colorado 2018 - The Best Roads - CO 92

CO 92 CO 92( CO 92 - near Gunnison(   C0 92 traces along the Black Canyon of the Gunnison River climbing to the rim of the deep gorge then rolling along the edge for quite a while.  It's a curvy technical ride in places. While you'll catch peeks into the depths, to ...Read More

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Colorado 2018 - The Best Roads - CO 65

CO 65 - Grand Mesa Scenic Highway  Grand Mesa Scenic Highway - CO 65( CO 65 takes you on a beautiful ride across the top of Grand Mesa.    CO 65 - morning start in the north Canyon(   Coming in from the I-70 at ...Read More

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Colorado 2018 - The Best Roads - CO 145

CO 145 CO 145(   CO 145 starts at it's north end as an intersection with CO 141 near Naturita. It then runs southeast to Telluride passing the important junction with CO 62, the link to Ouray.   CO 145 - north of Telluride(   It's the section south of Telluride that offers the best riding through th ...Read More

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Colorado 2018 - Best Roads - CO 141

CO 141 CO 141(   CO 141 - The Unaweep/Tabequache Byway  was one of the best roads we discovered this trip.   CO 141 - entering the badlands / Slickrock(   It's a long ride. It takes a while to get into the slickrock area then there's a long open stretch. CO 141 - slickrock area ...Read More

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Colorado 2018 - Best Roads - US 550

The Best Motorcycle Roads on this Trip US 550 - Million Dollar Highway US 550( US 550 North of Ouray, US 550 runs to Montrose. Ouray sits at the base of the mountain pass. North of town you enter a broad valley that continues to Montrose. The small town of Ridgeway lies between the larger towns at the significant junction with CO 62. CO 550 - north of Ouray( ...Read More

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Colorado 2018 - Summary and General Info

US 550 - The Million Dollar Highway( Motorcycle Trip Summary: Jackie and I have done several motorcycle trips to Colorado to meet up and ride with Jackie's brother, Ash. Our last visit in 2015 was based in Ouray.  We loved riding in the area so much we decided to base in Ouray again for several days and invited Ash to join us. Intrigued by the roc ...Read More

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Mapping Suches - Lesson 3

Lesson learned - if you don't actively need it, stow it more securely. Phone gone....(   I lost my cellphone. Near the end of Nimbelwill Road, a deeply eroded and rocky forest road in Georgia, I looked down to see an empty cradle where my new iPhone used to be. With the sun getting lower and the shadows growing I circled back to look for it. I retraced the whole of Nimblewell Gap Road ...Read More