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    There are challenges on every trip, little glitches, big failures. Here are the ones we faced on our 10 day ride, fortunately all minor, and how we overcame them:

    1) Cell Phone Charging Cable Fail. Simply swapped the short on bike cable for my long normal charging cable. Contact cleaner on the failed cable got it working again once we got home. 

    2) Stuck Gas Cap on the keyless GSA - I couldn't get the gas cap to open one morning. I managed to pop it open with a knife blade and fill up, apparently without causing any damage. It worked fine the rest of the trip. This was possibly due to the bike not being in neutral for the electronics to release the cap. 

    3) Low Beam Bulb Failure on the RT - Not much of a problem as auxiliary lights did the job. Bulb replaced when we returned home.

    4) I Forgot my Portable Hard Drive - used to archive the videos each day, I left it at home. Forced to buy another while traveling.

    5) I left the MULTI-outlet plug in the first hotel - we travel with numerous electronics. One my favorite hacks is to bring along a multi-plug / USB charger that converts a standard two plug outlet into 4 plugs and 4 USB charging ports. This is not the first time I've left it in the hotel wall on leaving. Fortunately, we'd brought two. Minor inconvenience.

    6) - GPS constantly rerouting. Yermo warned me about this. Inadequate waypoints on a route as well as some carelessly placed caused the GPS to reroute whenever it thought we missed one. I tied various setting on the GPS to "skip waypoints" etc, but it never really worked out. We just had to frequently restart the route through out the day.  
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    3 years ago
    Ride #87054

    Rona Ride 2020

    A 2000+ mile ride through the central Appalachian Mountains over 10 Days.

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    Thanks for posting the RONA RIDE. I kinda forgot to add that for context. Jackie and I did a 10 day ride from NC to PA. It's all posted. 

    We're about to leave on the next adventure, a 5 day ride on the Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route. I'll be posting that as we go. If you want to watch just let me know, I'll send you an invite so you get the updates from the road.

    I'll be filming the whole thing, you will be able to watch it at our YouTube Channel - 
    Link #88741


    The America Rides Maps Channel features Motorcycle Ride Videos showing you sights and scenes from riding the great roads in the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountain...

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    3 years ago
    looks like a nice trip. I love Pa, both roads and the mabdr sections. 

    ‘On the gps rerouting irritation, I’ve given up using gps software to send me down the roads I want to travel.

    I used to create the perfect route using inroute (Apple Maps based) and port it to my zumo via Basecamp. All looked good until I got out on the road and it would frequently reroute me to boring, high traffic roads. I’d even turn off recalculate, highway, and it would still mess up. 

    Now I use my zumo as a heads up display for upcoming intersections, road names, my true mph, and occasional ‘get me to a spot asap’. My primary planned route is shown on my smart phone held up by a Hondo + Ram mount. I use Guru software, tracks (vs routes)  and offline maps. Locus is a better app, but Android only. And I follow the tracks, which means no audible turn by turn.  But also, no screw ups other than my own!

    Thanks again. You travel in style, which I aspire to do more. 
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    Yes. I never really used my GPS for navigation previously, like you it's a heads up display, a speedometer, etc. I prefer the phone apps. Still, a lot of people do use them and I'm trying to become more fluent in their workings and foibles. We did have pretty good success touring with them in Europe, still there were screw ups. I'll have mine along next week in Colorado. We'll see how that works out.
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    Just back from the Colorado trip which was laid out via GPS. Similar problems persisted for all involved. If the new release of Yermo's software works as we expect it should it's a game changer over Garmin. I can't wait to see it and start testing.
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    3 years ago
    Through trial, error, and testing we will get it there.