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    6 years ago
    So I found some Mufflers at the auto parts store that I can get online for dirt cheap called DC Motorsports  and they are basically a 2-inch Inlet straight through glasspack  with a slant cut tip stainless steel finish available in Crazy colors  and they look exactly the same inside and almost outside just like any other high performance slip-on  so I was wondering if y'all had any opinions on using one of these instead of paying $100 for a nice exhaust for motorcycle just using one of these sport compact mufflers  that I can get for about $25 shift  because their stainless steel  they are about 12 to 14 inches long  they have a 2-inch to inside glass packed with a 4-inch diameter Muffler  and they look pretty much exactly like a motorcycle pipe  we need to be as welded on to the mid pipe and welded a bracket to hold it to the footpeg mount  so any opinions on this would be greatly appreciated but I think it would be a nice low-budget way to go for a good sound pipe

     also I've been thinking about getting one of the K&N filters for the factory air box I was told that pods can be tricky and difficult to tune  where is just using a K&N in the factory air box can be much easier  and cheaper and Gaines performance almost as well any ideas or opinions on that subject also would be greatly appreciated

     as it is my exhaust is just an empty gutted can with nothing inside of it it creates some back pressure and it sounds nice and Loud a little louder than I wanted but it looks good and I realize that that pipe looks just like the exhaust I'm talking about  it's basically a 12-inch shorty pipe  but the K&N wonders me to think  that I might  have issues with tuning  if I were to just throw a K&N straight onto the bike  because I don't really want to have to rejet since I'm running massively rich as is  I was going to try to just do things to bring what jetting I have into tune  because I don't have $200 for somebody to rejet and sync my carburetors and I'm just not willing to take part for carburetors  and try to sync them my cell  because just the sinking tool itself is more that I can afford in my budget  just the K&N Filter itself is probably outside my budget for a while  but I'm pretty sure the factory air filter is Factory 30,000 miles ago Factory

     I'm just waiting until I get paid so I can take the gas tank off and actually check for sure because the fuel lines I'll have to disconnect and they're a little old and brittle so I'll make sure to replace those when I put it back together but until I know I have the money to put it back together with new fuel lines I don't want to actually disassemble it and it have the bike sitting in the driveway for a week until I get paid

     I hope most or some of that made sense to you guys but anyway I appreciate all opinions and input especially on the muffler  because it looks like it would be almost identical to an exhaust pipe you would see at a dealership selling slip-ons  just a straight through glasspack basically  and they're available in different diameters so I can go from 1 and 7/8 all the way up to 3in Inlet I'll probably stick to whatever is Factory on the midpipe  and they do have insertable and removable baffles
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    6 years ago
    and one more thing I looked at the factory air box in the input hole is about the size of a golf ball which seems very very restrictive anybody with a bandit 600 that's done anything different please let me know but I don't see how much performance you can gain from a K&N if the hole is still the same size and I'm not sure I want to go drilling holes all through my air box because I prefer to keep the factory parts for the most part Factory except for the exhaust
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    6 years ago
    Do you need to replace the exhaust right now? If not, I’d say wait until you have the money for whatever else you’ll need, like fuel lines. This is a Bandit 600?  See if you can borrow a carb sync tool from someone.  Be real nice to them and promise them you won’t break it.