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    6 years ago
    I found a rear tire for my bike in the size that would like it said going with 150 70 I'll be going with 160 by 60 on a 17 wheel..

     so I have a couple questions then I'm sorry if I keep seeing the post the same kind of thing or awarded but more and more keeps hitting my mind as the more I think about it

     anyway the point is that my tire calls for a 150 70 but without a proper Tire calculator that I need to figure out what is the closest size in a 160 as far as height goes because I knew it's a ratio of the width of the tread versus the treadwall.
     question 1 since I'm going to go up 10 mm from Factory I would go down slightly in the middle number the percentage of the sidewall height from 70 to approximately 60 should turn out to be about the same size tire so will this be alright?

     question 2 I found the rear tire for my bike $88 on a website named after a jungle south of the Equator but the tire has like 4.5 to 5 out of 5 star rating the only downfall being a very soft compound with high grip that they wear out quickly but I figure if I replaced it twice as often for half the price I come out just the same with a beautiful Tire.

     so the exact question 2 is as I don't want to negatively affect the handling on my bike and a set of these tires slightly larger for front and back but sold as a match set whatever it worth replacing the 110 70 17 on the front with a 120 60 17 as they're sold and sets very very cheap way like I said with extremely high good review.

     but it all boils down to the question that has anybody heard of full bore M1 sportbikes street tires?

     from what I've read that the tire skip between 10 thousand and 14000 miles out of them especially with a such a soft compound it seems like it would be a good deal but changing the front and rear to what is a common set size would make sense to not adversely head affect my handling since the 110 would be switched out for the 120 that matches to the 160
     so basically where I stand is go with a 110 70 17 front 150 70 17 rear which is Factory for my year model or go with the 120 70 and 160 70 which is Factory for the year model after mine on a Suzuki Bandit because for $130 shipped free it's hard to pass up something that has 5 Star reviews that looks that nice and is that cheap so I like to know if anybody's heard of full bore brand M1 sportbike tires?
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    5 years ago
    im guessing nobody has heard of full bore M1 sport tires however they do have a four and a half and five star rating on different site so it can't be all that bad right?

     I feel like I may have overstayed my welcome in a way, i post too much. Sorry, just excited for finnaly getting my own bike , my first bike that is....
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    5 years ago
    No worries, but a question--have you found any thorough reviews in bike magazines? I'm familiar with the Full Bore Brand, but not for tires. If your heart is really set on short lived (mileage wise) sport tires, you might want to consider Dunlop Sportmax:
    Link #55348
    5 years ago

    Dunlop Sportmax Q3 Sportbike Tires- Road Test Review | Cycle World

    Proof that Carbon Fiber Technology (CFT) and sportbike tires mix well. Learn more at check out the photos at CycleWorld.com.

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    5 years ago
    my heart is set on a set of tires that stick like crazy and are is cheap as possible and that's where the full bore M1 come in because I'm an extremely tight budget but I've about had a couple of close calls with this crappy Kenda on the back of it I almost have no sidewall left
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    5 years ago
    and it's not so much the fact that I wouldn't spend $200 on a really nice good tire but when I can get one shipped for $76 and it has a five-star review far as performance and I only have about $90 to spend that's where I'm kind of stuck until my eBay business takes off or I hit the lottery I'm on an extremely tight budget unless anybody would trade me a really good tire and 160 60 17 for a nice motorcycle jacket or two